Winchester Wedding Chapel

Same Day License & Marriage

Elope to Winchester and have a quite ceremony here in my office, in front of the courthouse, or by Lake Wilkins. This is a convenience service to you so that you can have a quiet, intimate, personal marriage ceremony, even if you plan to have a larger affair later. No one needs to know you are married except the three of us and the clerk of court!

Appointments for the wedding chapel are prepaid, so call or complete the Request a Date form and let’s make plans for your marriage!

Last minute weddings are fine also, just call (540) 539-8335 and make sure I’ll be in the office.

Step 1 – Get a Virginia Wedding License.
Step 2 – Come to my ceremony room and I perform a wedding ceremony.
Step 3 – No cost if I take photos with your phone. (Option for a fee) I take photos and give them to you on CD.
Step 4 – I sign the paperwork.
Step 5 – License is returned to courthouse and you get certified copies for benefits, social security, etc.
Step 6 – Optional: Tour historic Winchester and grab a bite at a restaurant on the pedestrian walking mall.

Virginia Marriage Requirements
(Courthouse Rules)

In Virginia, to get a wedding license for a marriage ceremony, you’ll need a government issued picture ID and about 15-20  minutes. There is no need for any paperwork related to previous marriages/divorces. And no witnesses are required in Virginia for a marriage. They are open 9am – 5pm, but get there by 430pm.

Special Note: The Winchester City and Frederick County court clerk offices are next to each other in the same building on the same hallway on the first floor. If you get your license from the Frederick County clerk, I am permitted to sign it and return it to you so that when you leave the wedding chapel you can take it back and get your certified copies right away. If you get it from the Winchester City clerk, he requires me to mail it in and you will have to wait on your certified copies. Both court clerks are very friendly and nice, they just have different rules.